James and I have been working together for the best part of a year. Throughout this exchange James has shown great passion, drive and patience when it came to dealing with the issues that arose. James always demonstrated exceptional knowledge, which he always delivered with openness and reliability. I would highly recommend James to anyone thinking of reaching out and am overwhelmingly thankful to him for his time.

Mr H (Hertfordshire, UK)

I have known & worked with James for about a year now. His dedication, loyalty and desire to help his clients attracted me to work and learn from him. James is very professional at his job. Having worked with a number of professionals, James is the only person who has managed to understand me better than others and help me figure myself out, helping me to become the individual I want to be. His impeccable ability to listen and understand an individual’s needs, is what i believe, makes him a professional. I would highly recommend James to my friends, family & colleagues.

Ms E (Kensington, London, UK)

James is a confident and professional person to approach when seeking help with your issues. James is a very friendly and welcoming gentleman. Everything was arranged professionally and was totally confidential. He has certainly helped me to sort things out. I would recommend James to any of my family or friends without hesitation.

Ms D (Stevenage, UK)

My experience working with James in a professional manner has been very positive. He is very dedicated, enthusiastic, committed, reliable, loyal, kind and most importantly very honest. I value his input and support very much and have never experienced anyone being so calm and patient as James, for which I am very thankful.

Ms T (Munich, Germany)

I feel James is an excellent therapist with a profound ability to notice and delicately approach patterns and issues which may be inhibiting an individual from living the life they desire. He is a deeply knowledgeable yet curious practitioner, and his support is invaluable. I highly recommend him as a professional.

Ms R (Hertfordshire, UK)

I have gone through a long line of therapists never quite getting anyone who ‘gets’ me or is strong enough to handle me. I have tested James on many occasions through the 2 years I have seen him. I have been a challenging client (to say the least!) But James has this gentle kindness about him. He would always challenge me and has been one of the most consistent figures to date in my life. Thanks James for being human…. not making me feel less than. For giving me a stable relationship when I needed it. For making me look at things through a different lens even if I didn’t like it at the time. I feel like I am less reactive, more reflective than i have ever been. James is the most down to earth and genuine therapist I have ever known. James always goes above and beyond for you. The things that i have truly loved about James is i dealt he truly cared. Thank you James for caring about me. This has been a repairing relationship I am more grateful than you will ever know.

Ms V (London, UK)

I have always found James to be a highly supportive and flexible psychologist, who has continually offered me the support and secure base I needed to make sense of my difficulties, as well as, to better explore and challenge aspects of myself. He has helped me live more authentically and to not be so swayed by difference of opinion, valuing more my own view and experience and resting in this. For this I am grateful.

Mr L (Jersey)